The Government of Sindh has allocated 1530 acres of land to be developed as Dhabeji Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) in Thatta, a Priority Project under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which will facilitate the potential investors of China and other countries to either start new enterprises or transfer their facilities to Pakistan.

The Proposed location has the following advantages:

1. Easy access of Port Qasim enabling raw material import and finished goods export without incurring major inland transportation costs and saving time.

2. Easy access to Karachi Airport (35 Km) via national highway enabling safe travel of foreign workers and management personnel.

3. Direct access to the National Highway enabling the transportation of goods to upcountry and Central Asian nations utilizing the National Trade Corridor..

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone (DSEZ) to be transformed into an Expatriate Enclave with modern infrastructure and tax incentive package which will include exemption of Custom Duties and Taxes on the import of plant and machinery for the developer and the enterprises.