Sindh with its proven reserves of oil & gas, coal, Gharo – Dhabeji wind corridor, and round the year sunshine is tipped as the Regional Power House of the future. Thar coal itself offers 200,000 MW of electricity for 300 years. The Government of Sindh is in the process of preparing bankable feasibility in Joint Ventures with the private sector to set up mechanized mining of coal reserves of Thar and Badin and subsequent power generation projects. It intends to have 30% energy produced on coal by year 2030. It is also blessed with a Wind Corridor (60 kms wide and 180 km long) at Gharo Keti Bander coastline which has an estimated potential to produce 50,000 MW of electricity; thus providing lucrative investment opportunities in this sector. The cattle colonies of Karachi provide a unique opportunity for biogas generation and thousands of tons of daily production of organic fertilizer.
  • Coal based power plants in Lakhra, Badin, Sonda and Thar
  • Coal Gasification
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Bio-Gas Power Plants at Cattle Colonies of Karachi