Hyderabad Industrial Enclave

Sindh Economic Management Company porposed to establish New Industrial enclave in Hyderabad under PPP mode which is approved by SEZMC Board.

Consultant has been selected  for feasibility studies and TAS. Key points as of now are below; 

  • Prospect land parcel of 951-37 acres (451-37 + 500) has been identified near Hyderabad. It is located on the east bank of the Indus River and is roughly 150 kilometers away from Karachi, the provincial capital.
  • The Hyderabad Business Chamber has 200 direct members and 1,200 associate members. The Hyderabad Chamber has members that cover 40% of the motor cycle industry of country and the second largest industry of Khadi (Textile). In addition, this city houses various small and medium scale manufacturing clusters.
  • The project will provide the industries readily available trained human resource due to its locality in the center of a settled area, which also has a long-established industrial tradition.