Sukkur Industrial Area

Sindh Economic Management Company porposed to establish New Industrial enclave in Sukkur under PPP mode which is approved by SEZMC Board.

Consultant has been selected  for feasibility studies and TAS. Key points as of now are below; 

  • Prospect land parcel of 400 acres has been identified in District Sukkur. It is situated along the left bank of the Indus River, directly across from the historic city of Rohri.
  • There are two industrial estates in Sukkur i.e. Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) and Small Industries Estate (SIE). The former was established in 1963 over an area of about 1060 Acres. The Small Industries Estate (SIE) Sukkur was set up over an area of 110 acres. The Estate is being managed by the Sindh Small Industries Corporation. However, both of them have faced severe management issues and have created a vacuum of a state of the art industrial Enclave.
  • The proposed new project will provide the much needed impetus to industrialization in the region and is being established to house medium industrial clusters such as Gem Processing, Apparel/Garments and Halal Food Processing Industries etc. The establishment of the Industrial Enclave in Sukkur has positive implications on the socio-economic outlook of the entire region. The project is expected to attract investment of more than PKR 10 billion and create opportunities for more than 8,000 jobs.