PIMEC 2023
PIMEC 2023
The successful interactive session between the diplomate Forum of Pakistan and Türkiye regarding development of trade took place under the platform of SEZMC Govt. of Sindh held on 8th February 2023.
Development of Trade between Pakistan & Germany
Development of Trade between Pakistan & Germany
The successful interactive session between the diplomate Forum of Pakistan and Germany regarding development of trade took place under the platform of SEZMC Govt. of Sindh held on 19th December 2022.

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Business friendly environment and supportive government policies

Diverse talent pool with the right opportunities

Access to fast growing market in the region

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SEZMC with it's undeniable responsibility aims to reshape industrial growth in Pakistan with its intelligent, intuitive and scalable framework. SEZMC along with Board of Directors (BoD) is in pursuit of building a better future and empowering the local community of Pakistan.


Business growth through sustainable development & Innovation.


To create value for the investors in the economic zones through competitive incentive packages with 360 integration

Resources in Sindh

How to set up

Key steps to set up an office in Sindh

Incentives & Schemes

Information and eligibility for government schemes

Connections Concierge

Directory of business partners in areas such as banking, incorportation, real estate, recruitment and taxation

Events Calendar

Round-up of business conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and seminars happening in and around Sindh

SEZ's Empowered Growth In Sindh

A whole new era of resolute opportunities

Dhabeji SEZ - A Priority Project Under CPEC

Dhabeji Special Economic Zone under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to open new vistas of prosperity for Pakistan. The objective is to promote industrialization in the country which will positively contribute towards strengthening the economy of the province of Sindh and Pakistan as a whole.

Board Of Directors

Boost local and foreign investments in the SME sector, inculcate entrepreneurial ability and provide a major push to the light and heavy industries in Sindh

Syed Qassim Naveed Qamar

Encourage economic growth, value addition and improve socio-economic health of the region through the development of Special Economic Zones in Sindh

Syed Mansoor Abbas Rizvi

Secretary- Investment Department, Govt. of Sindh

SEZMC has become the gateway to the industrialization process of Sindh. We are a catalyst for change; a national initiative working to diversify Pakistan’s economy through the provision of world-class infrastructures within strategically placed economic zones.  

Mr. Abdul Rasheed Solangi

Secretary- Industries and Commerce Department , Govt of Sindh

The Sindh Government is looking to personalize the client engagement and support services which will ensure that establishing your operations here is made simple.

Mr. Najam Ahmed Shah

Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Sindh

Our investment strategies encompass a diversified approach towards assets classes, industry sectors and geographic regions to achieve growth and provide maximum protection for our investors. 

Mr. Junaid Makda

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries

We believe in building long lasting business relationships with investors and industrialists. Our relationships are build on trust and integrity, providing the best services and delivering nothing but excellence.

Mr. Abdul Azeem Uqaili